Jennifer is in her 19th year of legal practice. She has developed strong expertise in administrative law and litigation arguing in front of various adjudicative tribunals and in courts across Canada. She is well-versed on municipal by-laws and regulations, provincial statutes, and federal laws related to domesticated animals, farm animals and wildlife.

She has handled a diverse array of client matters pertaining to the following:

- animal adoptions;
- animal control;
- animal cruelty;
- animal rescue groups;
- animal shelters;
- border crossing disputes;
- by-laws, regulations, and policies pertaining to animals (advice and drafting);
- condominium clauses;
- breed specific legislation ('pit bull ban');
- 'dangerous dog' and 'potentially dangerous dog' designations;
- dog bites;
- dog breeders;
- environmental stewardship;
- equine law and environmental contaminants;
- pet custody and ownership;
- pet clauses in wills;
- plant-based businesses;
- product labelling
- product liability;
- regulation of horse racing;
- veterinary malpractice;
- wrongful death.